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One of the basic characteristics of Croatian flora is an abundance of medicinal plants. Even though Croatia is a relatively small country, it stretches across as many as four of the nine European biogeographically regions: the Alpine, the Continental, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian. In all parts of Croatia natural geographic conditions, namely climatic, pedagogical and hydrographical conditions are suitable for organic production of medicinal plants.

Many favorable circumstances are result of extraordinary richness. Aromatic medicinal plants have been of great importance for human health since ever, and in constant use in medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, culinary, religion and rituals. In the 21st century the life rhythm has changed significantly, with massive migrations from rural to urban areas, industrialization and technological revolution, people have forgotten about the precious gifts that nature gives us. Medicinal plants provide accessible and culturally relevant sources of primary health care to almost two thirds of human population.

They are a unique type of natural product requiring special considerations due to their impact on people’s health. 
In region Istria on the St. Francis hill is situated our Farm “World of plants” a manufacturer of ecological seedlings of aromatic medicinal plants that are differentiated and selected in greenhouse and then grown on Mediterranean fields. Through the processes of steam distillation and extraction, conducted in our distillery, we obtain high quality essential oils and hydrosols from which we manufacture natural aromatherapy products. Our mission is to raise awareness about the magical benefits of aromatic medicinal plants and to create a bond between humans and nature. We do this by producing thoroughly selected autochthon Croatian – Istria plants accordingly to principles of ecological production, without using any chemicals and by making high quality aromatherapy products. ECOCERT SA controls the complete manufacturing procedure. Our team, made of highly qualified experts, has created some brands, which products are based on our organic essential oils, hydrosols, and have different functions and purpose. Our manufacturing procedures are certified by HR-EKO-05, ECOCERT SA and HALAL standards. We have received multiple international awards for our products.