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Gift of the Adriatic Sea, Sun and Wind

Salt is uniquely timeless – it exists since the water and the stone and it will continue to exist long after us. Historically speaking, salt accompanies human development since time immemorial.

The natural salt Nin, from region Dalmatia in Croatia is a gift of Adriatic Sea, sun, and the wind from the slopes of mountain Velebit. Salt has been produced with love, traditionally and in coexistence with nature for 1,500 years.

At the Nin Saltworks the machines do not produce the salt. The man does not produce it either. The salt is produced by the sun, sea and wind. Bio Sea Salt Nin is ecological, harvested by human hands, completely natural and biodynamic. It is suitable for everyday use both nutritionally and medicinally.

Products of the Nin Saltworks are handmade, created with love, they are diverse and dynamic, they have firm character, they are delicious, specific, relaxing, and healing.

Nin salt is proud of being presented the BIO-sign in December 2015. Thus the Nin Saltworks have become the only salt works on the Adriatic coast to receive this environmental certificate. The environmental certification project was co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund and the Croatian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts. The investment amounted to 1.4 million HKD.

The project entitled The Flower of Salt and business – the organic production of consumable and therapeutic salt, confirms that Nin salt is produced organically. It also confirms that Solana Nin has been using traditional methods, which are also environmentally friendly, for generations.

“This project is only one of many goals we have planned and implemented.

The market has already recognized us as a propulsive Croatian company. Our authentic salty products represent us as a healthy partner and our clients confirm this opinion on daily basis. We know that the Green BIO-mark will strengthen our appearance on today’s intense domestic and global market”


Flower of Salt is an original, high quality sea salt that provides the optimal absorption and usability of its minerals in a human organism. Significant nutrient enriched with natural minerals that intensifies the flavor of each dish and becomes an essential natural, culinary spice that enriches gourmet delicacies. It is obtained exclusively in ideal weather conditions, and it is collected early in the morning and late in the evening when there is no wind. It appears on the sea surface as a thin layer of salt leaves salt similar to flower petals that human hand collects gently, using micron sieve. Its rich, intense flavor and soft, fluffy and crystal structure are pampering gourmet palates in a unique way.

The natural Nin salt is a gift of Adriatic Sea, sun, and the wind from the slopes of Velebit. The Adriatic Sea naturally falls through the pools where it evaporates and crystallizes in natural sea salt.

Taste the sweet-salty recipe for our unique and hand-made chocolates and local biscuits with Flower of Salt.

The salt is ecological, therapeutic and biodynamic because in its production, besides people participates diverse wildlife, plenty of beaches and healing mud.For centuries, Nin Saltworks gives life. It has nurtured many generations. It has given many plants and animals a home. Love for the salt has transferred from generation to generation. Even the Roman emperors at their feasts enjoyed the salt’s abundance of flavors. At those ancient times, salt was exchanged for gold, ounce for ounce, and it is well known that Roman soldiers were paid with our salt.

The sea salt from Nin is suitable for everyday use. In the nutrition, the healthiest is hand-picked sea salt because

it contains iodine from the sea algae which affects the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, bromine that is essential to the nervous system and potassium which helps concentration and mental activity. Sea salt is a cure for stress and cellulite, and thus the elixir for a healthy and beautiful skin. In addition to minerals and microelements, sea salt contains important amino acids and vitamins in trace. Strongly affects cells exchange in the skin and subcutaneous tissue stimulating metabolism and excretion of toxins.